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Yaniv Janson

There is a certain amount of peace within Yaniv Janson's paintings, an emphasis on space, a quiet calm that envelops you as the observer from a not so common perspective.

A driven young artist, Janson has experienced success and recognition as the youngest finalist in the Waikato Contemporary Art Award and the Wallace Trust Art Award when he was just 16, and the youngest artist invited into the Wellington New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts at the age of 19. His works were exhibited in over 35 events nationally and abroad such as the Galerie Celal in Paris. Janson approaches his goal of becoming a full-time professional artist with a great amount of talent and dedication with his works held in galleries and collections in NZ, Europe, the Middle East and USA, earning 14 awards and distinctions.

Janson's interest in the natural world, delicately directs his visual art to the unnerving importance of the invisible; this can be seen in 'One minute Before the Tsunami'. Here, a well attended garden is painted, the colours are vibrant and there is a quiet sense of summer life. This uncanny ability to portray innocent beauty in the face of potential terror, or a quiet calm in a time of environmental urgency, is where Janson communicates his unique perspective best, the beauty of the 'suspended pause'.

'In Bee Tween', Janson's latest project, was initiated by his fascination with the life of the bee. On talking to Janson, the first question he will ask you is, why are beehives predominantly portrayed as boxes? With the growing scarcity of the bee and the increased awareness of the vital nature of the bee, Janson works towards 'changing the world one painting at a time'. 

Pushing his artistic vision into the three-dimensional world of installation, Janson is working on large steel framed paintings to be nestled in the trees at the Hamilton Gardens Art Festival, followed by a solo exhibition of 22 square canvases opening at the Waikato Museum Artspost in July 2014.

Learn more about Janson's work on his webpage, or contact him at yaniv.janson@gmail.com or 027 288 1949

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