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Yesterday / Today / Tomorrow: 80th Anniversary Celebration

In 2014, WSA celebrated 80 years, with the opening on 23rd October 5.30pm, and running from 24th October – 24th November at ArtsPost Galleries.


The Waikato Society of Arts was officially established August 14, 1934 then incorporated on October 29th the same year. The founders were motivated to set up to provide the means to develop the skills of artists, inspire those who were yet to discover their talent, and to bring art to the attention of the general public in the Waikato. Their hopes have manifested as the WSA concludes its 80th year.

Between 1934 and 2014 many have contributed to the WSA on a mostly volunteer basis and the WSA can be proud of their achievements. Throughout the years, the WSA has been innovative in creating much from nothing, including galleries, local and national exhibitions and a very good art school. Many an artist has launched their career whilst being part of the WSA as student, member or tutor.

Members and students today are diverse in their cultures, ethnicity and ages but all have one thing in common; the visual arts are an important and vital part of our society. With this in mind, our annual Member’s exhibition reflects this aspiration as WSA continues in to the future.

Taking time to look back!

  We are excited to have received a small grant to employ an Archivist! This gives us the ability to employ a experienced dedicated archivist to sift through the accumulated documents that have been languishing in boxes here and other people’s garages.

Susan started with us 6th May and since then Gillian has taken over the role. You will find her located in the Artist In Residence room. 

Seeking WSA historical records!

Thanks goes to Graeme and Elaine Henry, Ruth Davey, Martha Simms and Anne Kalnins for their contributions.

We are keen to hear from members & other folks with past association with the organisation who may have WSA historical records, photos or memorabilia.

 If you have anything you could contribute to the historical records of our 80 year old organisation, please be in contact with Michelle at the office 07 839 4481 press 2.

"Ida & I" celebrates the legacy of the Hamilton art scene

June 6-8 saw the performance of "Ida and I at Hamilton's Meteor Theatre. 

The production explored the development of the arts in Hamilton through the eyes of Ida Carey and the words of local artist and playwright Campbell Smith. 

Campbell Smith is a valued member of the WSA,a well-respected past president. His plays are always informative and we are honoured that the organisation is featured in this latest work. What a lovely way to remind us how much we have to celebrate: looking back at the passion and dedication of those who first conceived the Waikato Society of Art!