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Stephanie Chia

A self-taught artist, Stephanie first started portraiture through trial and error. She initially received a few tips from her brother, and discovered and developed her own style of portraiture over 8 years. 

Through the encouragement of friends, Stephanie recently started to promote her work to the public and accept commission work. Her specialisation is realistic portraits in pencil. She can be found at weekend markets doing quick sketches on the spot. 

Originally from Singapore, Stephanie was a PE teacher. She moved to Hamilton in 2000 and retrained as a primary school teacher. Stephanie is passionate about teaching and is currently a reliever at Hamilton primary schools. Her emphasis is on discovery and inquiry. 

Stephanie also paints landscapes in acrylic and is teaching herself oil painting, having completed a portrait recently. If you are interested in commissioning portraits, buying her artwork or prints, or hiring Stephanie as a tutor, please contact her at:

07 858 3562
021 027 44724

or view her work on FaceBook under 'Portrait Artist Stephanie'.

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