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WSA Art School

Our Art School is situated in the iconic ArtsPost building.

Entrance of art school

With experienced tutors covering a range of mediums, we offer art classes for all ages.

Enrolments for term four are now open. 

Our long running classes are often booked out long term- but you can express your interest for specific classes at any time to secure your space on the waiting list. 

Please email artschool@wsa.org.nz for details and keep your eyes on our website and facebook page. Note that term four is an 8 week term. 

Please download the schedule for  term 4 here.

New Experimental print making morning class

A new class has just come up! Join experienced print maker and long term WSA art tutor Caroline Peacocke for her new Monday morning class. Emphasise is on woodcut, but examples of other printing techniques will give you a good understanding of the principles of printmaking. Experienced print-makers can be sure to find new inspirations

Monday 14 October to 10 December

9.30am to 12pm

$165, members $150

Life and  figure drawing with Kate Symmans

Alternating sessions with nude and covered model, you can book in for either/or - or both!

18 October to 7 December, 6pm to 8pm
$180 for the full term, members $165
$90 for half term, members $82.50

Watercolour beginners with Paulette Bruns

Our Wednesday morning watercolour class for beginners is  back!
Perfect if you haven’t painted for a while or have been waiting to get into the Monday morning class for ages.

16 October to 5 December

9.30  to 11.30am
$145, members $130

Palette knife in acrylics & oils 

Palette knife painting is a great way of learning to paint in a loose style, not giving attention to every detail but rather creating an impression.
This class is suitable for all skill levels; you can be an absolute beginner trying out a painting class or an experienced artist wanting to explore a new painting technique.
15 October to 4 December
9.30am to 11.30pm
$145, members $130

Art for Preschoolers with Parents

We are looking forward to a fun morning activity with preschoolers and parents, making bright, colourful art.
The new preschooler art class is aimed at children between the ages of 3-4 years. The class will focus on the basic skills of using equipment, such as pencils, paint, scissors etc. We are looking and learning about our colours, patterns and breaking down objects/animals into shapes.
Between the ages of 3-4, pre-preschoolers begin to recognise and remember such things as shapes, colour, numbers and letters. They also learn to control the muscles in their hands, which shows in their drawings (as we may refer to as "scribbles"). While the children are learning and having fun, the parents can take part in their journey.
18 October to 7 December
Fridays, 9.30 to 10.30
$105.00 per child with one accompanying adult


New after school classes for 7-9  year old children

We have a new late afternoon class for 7-9  year old children coming up in term four! . If you would like to enrol your child, , please request an enrolment form from artschool@wsa.org.nz

Childrens art 7 - 9 years
Paulette Bruns
17 October to 6 December
5.30pm to 7pm

Our term dates for 2019 are as followed:

Summer school holiday programme: 21 to 25 January

Term one (8 weeks): 4 February to 1 April

Autumn school holiday programme: 15 to 26  April

Term two (9 weeks):29 April to 28 June

Winter school holiday programme: 8 to 19 July

Term three (9 weeks): 22 July to 20 September

Spring school holiday programme: 30 September to 11 October

Term four (8 weeks): 14 October to 9 December

Programme description

The Waikato Society of Arts has established the Art School in 1970. 
All our tutors are professional creatives, and we try to keep the balance between solid skill-building classes to strengthen student’s core competency and new, contemporary classes that will push their boundaries. 
See how far you can push the boundaries of your art experience. Note that classes, due to the small size, cater for new and returning students and there might be variations in the class schedule to keep you interested and challenged.

Following programme descriptions are indicative only- we often have new classes coming up short notice, so keep an eye out for our programmes - here on our website, on facebook, or at the office and the city libraries for hard copies.

 Untutored painting classes        Join one of our untutored classes get some input and inspiration for your work. Many of our long-term students join an untutored class at some stage to make use of our studio space and enjoy company while working. 

Beginners Watercolours       Paulette Bruns, Haydn Rive.  Learn the basics of a fascinating medium. Our tutors teach watercolour techniques step by step, for returning students there will be variations in the basic techniques.

 After school classes for children , 5 - 7 years              Paulette Bruns and Sybille Schlumbom. Our after school children’s classes are developed for certain age groups. Art and creativity are fostered by exploring a range of materials and techniques

Oil painting  Nici Peacock. A structured introduction to oil painting,  a mixed class with continuers and advanced students, suitable for absolute beginners but with individual challenges for the advanced.

Experimental printmaking  Caroline Peacocke. Discover the principles of printmaking and continue the creative journey by creating experimental woodcuts.  While this class focuses on woodcuts and mono-types, it is a great beginners course to get to know our print studios and printing presses, even if you want to move on to etching.

Untutored woodcuts  Work alongside experienced printmakers and inspire each other. Not suitable for absolute beginners, an introduction to the use of our printing press in one of our tutored classes is prerequisite

 Pre-schoolers with parents    Rhiannon Jackson. Ideal for 3 and 4 year olds to come along with a prent and have fun experimenting and learning beginner art skills with different art materials and colours.

After school classes for children 7-9 year old    Paulette Bruns, Gaye Jurisich and Rhiannon Jackson. Our after school children’s classes are developed for certain age groups. Art and creativity are fostered by exploring a range of materials and techniques

 After school classes for children 8 - 13 years  Vivien Hendy. Children explore art and design using different materials in this after-school class 

Painting + drawing techniques  Nici Peacock. Develop and refine your painting and drawing skills. A lot of the students return to this class, so you will learn alongside fellow artists with a wide range of skills

Creative Sewing    Amanda Talsma-Williams.  I have flexible projects available, from beginners to challenging, or you can bring your machine, ideas and questions and we can workshop whatever you would like to make.

Acrylics as you like it  Haydn Rive. This is a mix of step by step instruction as well as being encouraged to follow your own direction and vision

 After school classes for  13 - 18 years   Rhiannon Jackson. Wintec graduate Rhiannon explores the use of colour in painting with art enthusiastic  high school students 

Exciting etching untutored
Entry level experience in the etching process is required to work alongside this group of enthusiastic printmakers. Please express your interest in our beginner's etching class starting in term two (Friday morning) to gain the necessary experience

Etching and dry-point, untutored     Entry level experience in the etching process is required to work alongside this group of enthusiastic print makers. Please express your interest in our beginner's etching class starting in term two (Friday morning) to gain the necessary experience

Beginner Drawing Skills for planning Landscapes and city scenes    Paulette Bruns.  Come and learn tips & tricks for drawing and planning Landscapes & City Scenes! Whether it’s to help you plan your paintings or simply because you love to draw, this 8 week class will give you confidence in composing Landscapes & City Scenes. From composition, rule of thirds, perspective, vanishing points, the golden ratio, scale, tonal value & shading, you will increase your knowledge to plan and draw your next outside artwork so that it has the realistic feeling you want to portray. This class will suit brand new beginners to art, or those with some art experience who need more clarification on how to make outdoor scenes work.

 After school classes for children 10 - 14 years, Rhiannon Jackson       Aimed to inspire and extend children’s art practising skills in two-dimensional work. Illustration and visual storytelling will give the framework to develop skills in different media(e.g.dry brush acrylic, collage, oil, drawing, pastel, crayons, wax resist) and apply these to small works on paper

Expressive Drawing and Mark Making  Gaye Jurisich. FINDING YOUR MARK. Expressive drawing comes from a tradition focused on breaking through the limitations of classical art and exploring freer, more intimate forms of expression. Expressive drawing builds on what we know as natural marks of our past, it is a personal approach to drawing that's accessible to anyone interested in exploring his or her "unseen" world in a direct and honest way. Expressive drawing can communicate ideas or emotions that are not visible or tangible. It can capture movement and energy, feelings, and memories all things that help us to understand our place in the world.

Life and/or Figure Drawing    Kate Symmans.  Alternating sessions from a clothed and nude model. Students can enrol for the whole term or for half a term doing either clothed or nude. 

WSA School Holiday Programme

Our October  school holiday programme is now open for enrolment!

Suitable for children from 5 to 12 years, we run from Monday to Friday , 9am to 12pm. 

Fees are $35 per session, $150 for the whole week.

Pick from 10 marvellous programmes- or come for the whole two weeks:

Monday, 30 September:

Acrylic painting skills and clay modelling

Tuesday, 1 October:

Layered tissue art works and animals in watercolour

Wednesday, 2 October:

Make and paint 3D egg carton faces

Thursday, 3 October:

Anime characters and paper feathered birds

Friday, 4 October:

Abstract painting fun and pastel with dye

Monday, 7 October:

Acrylic landscape and clay modelling

Tuesday, 8 October:

Paper and card creations and straw weaving

Wednesday, 9 October:

Perspective drawing and stamped birds

Thursday, 10 October:

Painting on black paper and pastel art

Friday, 11 October:

Paint and glitter creations and dye art

Please  email artschool@wsa.org.nz to request your enrolment form  for October now.