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WAIPRINT 2012 Janis MacDonald - Etching with Copper Sulphate

Janis MacDonald is the Guest Artist at WAIPRINT 2012 
Saturday  29 September 2012 
10-4 pm
In the WSA Print Room, downstairs at ArtsPost 
(entry from the back of the building)  
120 Victoria Street, Hamilton, New Zealand 

Come and learn how to etch line and tone with copper sulphate –
the same substance used to clean mossy footpaths AND a non toxic
printmaking option.  Be surprised by the versatility and potential
of this easily obtained ingredient.   Would you walk a mile in my shoes - by J MacDonald
*  Janis will demonstrate etching with copper sulphate on
aluminium and zinc plate. 
*  Most materials will be supplied, including proofing paper and ink, two 9 cm x 13 cm plates (one aluminium and one zinc)  and a half-sheet of printmaking paper for each participant. 
*  Additional paper and plate will be available to buy.
You should bring 
*  Paper, pen and pencil for taking notes and sketching ideas 
*  An image – photo, drawing, or a great idea – to suit your 
9 x 13 plates 
*  Food & drink for lunch (or try one of the nearby cafes) 
*  Old clothes or a smock
This workshop is best suited to people with some printmaking experience.
Fee for the day: $75
All enrolments to the WSA office, upstairs at ArtsPost 
or phone 839 4481  or email wsa@wsa.org.nz
Register and pay by 7 September 2012 

Printable information download here  (PDF)


Written by Melany Sutherland (WSA member)

Where does one start? This workshop was held in Matangi on the 19th and 20th May at Colin and Catherine's studio. Wow, what an absolutely fabulous two days; all eleven ladies turned up, some with excitement, others with aggression, some with determination and even some with trepidation all with painting glad rags on, brushes,canvases  and ideas under their arms and big expectant smiles. Colin spoke with us all as a group about our own turangawaewae; painting from our hearts {deep belly feeling not mind - head]. This was quite hard for a few of us, as we all lead such busy lives and trying to separate the two proved to be quite trying. As the afternoon progressed we began   to relax whilst getting in touch with our thoughts on our own turangawaewae --our landscape. With Colin’s guidance and help we all set to work with bold colours and soft colours, big brushes and small brush strokes, around the room there was a flurry of activity and energy every where. Some of us felt overwhelmed by so many neat ideas evolving and chose to stop for a while and reboot over coffee and walk around the lovely property. By three in the afternoon some had even completed the first piece. We all left mentally and physically exhausted at 5pm.


Day two erupted with a huge amount of energy Colin mentioned he could feel the positive energy just leaping to get out of all the artists as they entered the studio and saw their works with fresh eyes - wow what a few hours or zero hours sleep can do!  Most of the group moved on from their first canvas, to their second and attacked with positive aggression the art work all oozed personality and style; I for one am very much looking forward, as are Colin and Catherine, to the exhibition coming up on the Sunday 10th of June at 2:30 at 555 Matangi Road, Gibbs and Lang Gallery. Be prepared, be dazzled, no pressure ladies! Just on a positive note I have heard nothing but praise about the workshop with Colin and the lovely hostess Catherine. Another workshop is in hot demand. We, Colin, Catherine and myself, spoke about arranging another work shop we feel space wise perhaps as  the weather is so cold wet and unpredictable, early summer time would work, paint dries easier, smelly fumes disperse easier and some artists might prefer the good old out doors? Well done Colin and Catherine for a fantastic, fun and enthusiastic week end!


Melany Sutherland