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Our Land, Our People Exhibition - by Jocelyn Hampton and Lois Ings - 

from 4 June 2015



Salon des Refuses exhibition - in the ArtsPost Galleries - from 20 April 2015.



Christine Melchior and Darren Wise - the Next Level Gallery - 20 April 2015.



Christine needs little introduction, being an accomplished artist, a WSA tutor and also the vice-President of the WSA Exec.  She has recently returned to Germany for a while.

Darren primarily uses stainless steel design to share the beauty in overcoming life’s challenges.  He says that stainless steel is a difficult material to work with, paralleling the unyielding and often unforgiving ebb and flow of life. 



Waikato Society of Arts members' exhibition 

WSA members-only annual show

2012 exhibition :  May - June 2012  at ArtsPost galleries Hamilton



Art Workshops

May 2012 - Colin Gibbs workshop




Waikato printmakers' annual exhibition

2011 Waiprint  : October - November 2011 at ArtsPost galleries Hamilton