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New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award 2009


Dr Robin Woodward, University of Auckland, selected well known artist Frances Van Dammen as the 2009 winner of the prestigious NZ Painting and Printmaking Award, to the delight of a large audience at the Hamilton Gardens Pavilion.  For Daisyan acrylic painting on canvas, van Dammen received a cheque for $15,000 and a magnum of Deutz champagne from Mrs Lyn Vela from the Philip Vela Family Trust, principal sponsors, who also purchased the winning work for $3,500. This makes the NZPPA one of the country’s most lucrative art awards.

Dr Robin Woodward (left) congratulates winner Frances van Dammen on her winning entry, Daisy.  Photo: Anne Challinor

Dr Robin Woodward (left) congratulates Frances van Dammen on her winning entry: Daisy (acrylic on canvas).  Photo: Anne Challinor

Merit winners
The judge also awarded seven M
erit certificates.  The artists received a bottle of Deutz champagne to celebrate, and gift vouchers from Gordon Harris.

Tracey Black, Auckland        Untitled   (etching)

Untitled by Tracey Black

Matthew Browne, Auckland        Wonder   (mixed media on canvas)

Wonder by Matthew Browne

Jan Kaywood, Hamilton        Through a glass darkly   (inkjet on canvas)  
Through a glass darkly by Jan Kaywood

Janice  Meadows, Hamilton        Avatar   (linocut and digital print)

Glenys Ng, Auckland        May 21 1960   (digital photo on board)

John Oxborough, Auckland       Towards Scott’s Landing  (acrylic on canvas)

Rebecca Wallis, Auckland        Emergence   (marker pen on board)

 Emergence by Rebecca Wallis

The Award, now in its ninth year, is an initiative of the WSA. Spokesperson Pam Nash comments, “Our aim is to assist the country’s artists to showcase their work, and this exhibition provides and excellent opportunity to view a fascinating cross section of the best of New Zealand’s contemporary painting and printmaking. Every year we find the number and standard of entries is raised.”  

Dr Woodward is a well known writer and lecturer on the history of New Zealand art in its international context. In a floortalk before the awards, she expressed her delight in the breadth and quality of the 280 works that were submitted for the 9th NZPPA. The show she has curated is a “representative selection from a panorama of submissions” and the 50 finalists include a range of media and subject matter. She characterised the works she selected for the exhibition as "gutsy".

In her introductory remarks at the launch of the exhibition, WSA President Martha Simms commented, "The opening of the NZPPA is always a gala occasion, bringing together a wide group of art supporters: those who create art, those who view and buy art, those in local and national government who see the value of art in the community, and those business sponsors who make awards like this one possible.


"This coming together is very important. Without the union of artists, art lovers and financial supporters, art becomes an isolated cottage activity. This collaboration allows the whole community to be illuminated by the artists in our midst.

"The national awards established by the WSA are platforms for artists at the top of their game, for the innovators and visionaries who illuminate our community and our nation."

The gala Award presentation, which was the opening event of the Hamilton Gardens Summer Festival, drew a crowd of 500, and a number of outstanding works were purchased at the event. All works are for sale.


The NZPPA exhibition will be open daily during the festival, 21 February through 1 March, from 12 noon to 6 pm. Admission if free. 


For additional information please contact:


Pam Nash WSA :                          0274424747  rpnash@ihug.co.nz

Dr Robin Woodward:                     C/- University of Auckland, Dept of Art History

Frances van Dammen                    021506483