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Nicolette Russell Brodnax

Nicolette Brodnax and her oil painting of Cinnibar moth on the track to Silica Rapids.I have been a keen artist since my school days but for over 25 years pursued instead a fairly standard career path of university, a profession and family. I maintained however a keen interest in the visual arts  attending courses at both Waikato Society of Arts and at the Elam summer school programme at Auckland University

Recently I stepped back from my career specifically to live the dream and pick up my brushes full time.  I paint in oils; largely portraits, landscapes and still life. Although my style is realistic it also reflects my love of colour and its potential to affect our emotions. 

The greatest influences on what I paint are a lifelong love of the New Zealand bush and the transition from a high-pressure career to motherhood. The latter re-focused me on those little things that used to fill us with wonder but, as we get busier, we stop noticing.  There is an element of my work that is shamelessly domestic: categorising everything from the theft of apples from my tree to battles with parking meter maids. I spent winter 2013 living and painting in National Park and recent works feature large-scale botanical paintings of some of New Zealand’s hardy alpine plants.

My drawing experience and attention to detail translate well into printmaking. I love its intimacy, tonal qualities and versatility as well as the ‘reveal’ where each individual hand-inked piece comes out of the press as something unique. I print mainly in aquatint, the process of progressively burning with acid onto a metal plate to build up the layered tones of my original drawing.  My etchings and woodcuts are more light-hearted, quirky commentaries on modern life.  All are original, in strictly limited editions and using high quality materials.

My work includes two large outdoor murals at the Waterworld crèche in Te Rapa and I exhibit with the WSA and at Eivins Cafe in National Park Village. I also sell my work privately as well as through Arts Post in Hamilton and Kanuka in Raglan.

Contact Nicolette at nbrodnax@actrix.co.nz 

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