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Nicola Jain Lewis

Nicola was born in New Zealand in 1982 and is the daughter of the internationally renowned painter and sculptor Rick Lewis. Nicola stepped away from her corporate career in October 2011 then travelled to the wilds of Ireland to learn a dying artistic technique from a true master painter, her father. There she started an exciting apprenticeship and spent the next ten months immersed in the craft of ceramic painting. Now back on home soil with intensive training under her belt, Nicola is pursuing her dreams, refining her own creative passions and techniques while she establishes herself as an artist and makes her mark in the creative industry.

Her passions and inspirations come from the diverse energies that resonate within people, nature, animals and all life itself. Nicola has an intense love for life and uses this to paint and sculpt from her soul. Her purpose is to touch other people’s hearts through her work. To evoke a deep emotion within to captivate and enthuse in order to bring some happiness to others.

See further work at www.nicolajaincollections.com 

Contact Nicola about her work on 021 293 4064.

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