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Moves Afoot

Moves Afoot: Supplementary History of the Waikato Society of Arts 1983-2008, written by Megan Lyon and supervised by Ann McEwan, was launched at the 75th Celebration Dinner.  Moves Afoot is a hand made artist's book designed by Alan Ware and Meliors Simms. For a description of the making of the book go to Meliors's blog for August 26 2009. We are grateful to the sponsors and all members who made their archives available to Megan. Rob Gardiner of Chartwell Trust sponsored the publishing of the book as an artist book and the writing of the history was sponsored by Trust Waikato. The book retails for $45 and for members is costs $30.

Meliors has just completed the short film of making the 100 "Moves Afoot".
Click the link to view the video.
(updated 24 Aug 2010)