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Joanne Dean

Joanne DeanJoanne lives in Raglan, where she is an oil Portrait Painter.  She paints from photos and is currently working on life portraits too. 

After attending Art School in Christchurch, she worked with special needs children and adults in Napier and then later travelled to live and work in Germany for two years.  While there she visited many art museums in Europe and particularly admired Renaissance Art.

After studying for a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and then a Diploma in Early Intervention for children with special needs, Joanne travelled with her family to Japan to live and work as an assistant language teacher for two years.

This year, Joanne has been working constantly on oil portraits, dividing her time with her family and as a part-time kindergarten teacher.
To enquire about Joanne's portraits and commissions, please email her on joanofark8@hotmail.com
Joanne is on Facebook so link up to see any updates. 

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