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"Ida & I" world premier in June


This landmark play serves not only as an insight into the life and works of renowned Hamilton artist Ida Carey herself, but also as a celebration of Campbell and Esme Smith and their contribution to the cultural life of the city. 

The premier of “Ida and I” marks the end of an era for Campbell Smith, as he steps back from what has been a very active involvement in the Hamilton arts scene. What was initially devised to be a production around the life of Ida Carey, the finished work has evolved and woven through with Smith’s own poems and reflections on the development of the arts community in the city.



Waikato Times review 

Ida and I is a play being performed at The Meteor based on the life of Waikato artist Ida Carey. Hamilton actress Alida Steemson plays Carey in the two-night production.


Special WSA members pre-show Wine and Cheese event

To mark the opening of the production there was a special members wine and cheese event provided by the WSA.

This took place between 5.30-6.30pm on Friday 6th June before the first performance.