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Catherine Smith

Catherine sketching in NW Nelson National Park.Catherine was born in Melbourne, Australia, but has lived in New Zealand for many years. She came to Hamilton in 1972 and since retiring as a practising veterinarian in 2000 has made the time to explore her desire to paint, leading on from her strong attraction to botanical art.


Catherine is fascinated by the mysterious process whereby we observe, feel, absorb, and then work up a painting.


She has dabbled in various media for about nine years but has found that acrylics (and mixed media) respond quickly to the images she wants to transfer from her mind to canvas or paper.


Her work is an attempt to reflect a personal response to those stored images, to advocate for the environment, and to share what she feels about the natural world to which she feels a strong connection.


As an artist she tries to represent aspects of Nature's movement, chemistry, colour and form through expressionism and abstraction.


Whilst admiring the work of Cezanne, Woollaston, Patrick Heron, Fred Williams and John Drawbridge amongst many others, Catherine is grateful to Pam Watson and Paul Judd as valued mentors.


Catherine has belonged to ARTnexus for about 8 years and enjoys all the positive aspects of being part of a co-operative.


Since 2004 she has exhibited in various exhibitions, both group and small group, in Hamilton (WSA and ARTnexus), Morrinsville and Darfield.



To purchase her work, contact Catherine in Hamilton: 07 855 8296 or blchsmiths@gmail.com.

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