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Carril Karr

Born in Canada, Carril has lived in New Zealand for over half her life, most of it in Hamilton.

She originally trained  as a primary school art teacher but did very little art work herself until, with her family grown, she studied craft dyeing. She enjoyed the challenges and surprises of this craft.

In the 1990s, Carril began attending classes at the WSA. She has concentrated mainly on relief printing, studying with Joan Travaglia, Marty Vreede, Campbell Smith and others.

Her ambition to learn about other media led to enrolment with The Learning Connexion.  Her main focus, however, remains printmaking. Carril's practice is mainly in relief prints using mdf or lino blocks, but she also does monoprints, collagraphs and drypoint.


Carril exhibits in WSA members’ shows and the annual Waiprint shows in Hamilton. She has also shown her prints at the Empire Gallery, Cambridge, and Compendium Gallery Auckland.

She is a member of the Central Print Council ANZ and has had prints selected for Central Print Council shows, held in various places, in 2006, 2007,  2009, and most recently the miniature show 'How Can We Resist?' at Artspost April 2010.

To purchase or learn more about her work, contact Carril at ckarr-hamilton@hotmail.com

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