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Beatrice Carlson

My work is dictated by my roots and the different mediums I have experimented with in my life. I am a French New Media Artist living in Auckland.

Oil Painting gave me an understanding of layers and transparency I use in my digital work.

Solarplate creates another atmosphere to the photographs I have taken and blended with my computer.

Etching printmaking is the ultimate step. It gives the poetry to my work.

Perspex lets me work in big size with vibrant colours. It gives life to my work.

I started working with a computer to experiment with a new way of expressing my sensibility. For the last 10 years, I have been refining my "digital work" as a proper painting technique. The gesture is the same: I use a graphic palette with a pen like a brush. My hand moves in a fluid, spontaneous way, embracing the space of the screen, my canvas.

I have been taking photographs for 20 years. I keep those instant moments as a collector.

It starts always with a photograph that will "tell me a story". Then, the image will inspire me to work on a direction and I will start painting, blending with another image to create a story.  

I am not a painter, I am not a photographer, I am a Teller…

"El Final" is the latest work I presented during the Auckland Festival of Photography 2011.

It comprises six works on the same subject, Corrida de Toro. Photographs from New Zealand, France, Spain, Rarotonga and South America blend together to tell a story about Passion, Amor, Death, the End.

The colours - digitally printed on Perspex - give the vibrancy, while the Solarplate Etching in the background creates a poetic atmosphere.

To purchase or learn more about her work, contact Beatrice at:  abcfamily2004@xtra.co.nz

or visit her website: www.beatricecarlson.com

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