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Barry Smith

Barry L. Smith is a retired scientist with a love of literature and art. He has been writing creatively for thirty-five years and printmaking for the last fifteen years. His printmaking has included etching, dry point and woodcuts. He likes the strong simple lines and statements of woodcuts and has recently concentrated on reduction woodcuts and solarplate printing.

"We usually start with art as realism and our personal journeys in art quite often mirror the development of art itself. For me art must have some meaning. Even as I journey towards and beyond abstraction I find that a visual image must produce some meaningful reaction – a hint of something I am familiar with – even it is little more that an aesthetic or intellectual idea. This is where I presently am with my enjoyment of art, if not with my creative endeavours”.

Barry is also a creative writer, having had many of his poems and vignettes published and anthologised in journals and books both within New Zealand and internationally. His collection of poems derived from mountains and valleys “Always a little further …” was published in 2002 and an autobiography “One foot after another” in 2011.

He has a great love of the outdoors and the subject matter of his art and writing sometimes reflects his outdoors interests.

Barry edits the WSA newsletter, “Art Connections” and is involved in a few environmental endeavours.

Contact Barry about his work on (07) 855 8296 or blchsmiths@gmail.com

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