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2016 New Zealand Painting and Printmaking Award

NZPPA 2016 Winner: Edwards+Johann,  On the Seam of Things – Constellations #5

Their intriguing figure set in a diptych or two part image that uses photography and drawing. The strange personae seems to be an assemblage of everyday objects, including rubber gloves and a vacuum cleaner giving us a hint of gender in an otherwise ambiguous veiled torso. This sense of intrigue is accentuated by the abstract motifs and strange floating geological forms with their delicately inscribed lines. Overall, On the Seam of Things – Constellations #5 evokes the artists' curiosity found in the tension of bringing together the real and abstract, artificial and natural, mind and body.


 The First Prize is $20,000, sponsored by The Philip Vela Family Trust. 

The people's choice award of $500 worth of Gordon Harris art supplies goes to Rosanne Croucher for her work 'Approaching Darkness'.

Non-cash merit awards have gone to:

Deborah Crowe, Fictional Realities: Fall. In this digital print we see a world where the architectural achievements of humankind vie with nature, across time and space.

Steven J Park, Natalia Saegusa. This portrait does what portraits should do, it looks behind the eyes, into the soul, and asks us to reflect on humanity in its most intimate moments.​"

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