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Finalists in the 2011 NZPPA

Supreme Award winner

John McLean  Dinghy and waka with unstable foreshore structures  (oil on canvas) 

Merit Award winners:

Garry Currin    Various distances apart    Kaipara  (oil on canvas)

Jenny Dolezel   What is this 'Real Life' thing I keep hearing about? (III)  (oil on canvas)

Gina Jones   Untitled (square hologram)  (lenticular photograph)

Ian Moore    JG01.1   (acrylic on canvas)

Scott Powell    Interculture   (acrylic)

Linda Roche   Pigment study: 10 shades of black oil paint: Composition #5   (oil on canvas)

The images below represent the finalists selected by the judge from the hundreds of entries. The images were supplied by the artists as part of the submission process. They are arranged alphabetically by the artists' last names. You can click on any thumbnail to enlarge and can scroll through the enlargements using the 'Next' and 'Previous' links that appear near the top corners of the image.
All works in the exhibition are for sale. If you are interested in purchasing a piece, you can contact the artist through WSA.